Book 2 of "The Shaw Brothers Series"
"Jon wanted Abby right next to his side, where he could protect her and keep her from harm, but he couldn't do that and catch whoever was doing this to her. He looked at Abby. 'I need you to trust me.'"

-Excerpt from the book
Trust In Time.



Book 1 of "The Shaw Brothers Series"
"The memories were still powerful and disturbing, even now. Thinking about that terrible day, and all the rage-filled days that followed, Jack could still feel the internal turmoil in his soul. Never in his life, did he think it was possible that one person, much less a person that you thought you could believe in, could betray another human being in the horrible, vicious way that Stacey had betrayed him."

-Excerpt from the book Better With Time.

            In the small town of Heather Valley, when Kaitlyn Westin offers to become a surrogate for her sister, she happily expects that her proposal will give her sister the chance to have the child she’s always wanted. The timing for a pregnancy is ideal.  Kaitlyn is at a crossroads in her career and her romantic life is currently non-existent. Her past relationship, combined with her own mother’s disinterest in her, leaves her believing that no man could be interested in her while carrying another person’s child. Besides that, she has little faith that anyone would stay by her side no matter how difficult life gets.

            Dominic Cabral visited Heather Valley throughout his youth and always wanted to return.  He finally settled into town with his young daughter after securing his dream job.  He had everything he ever wanted, or so he thought.  Then he met Kaitlyn. Yet he feels his life is in too much chaos to start any kind of relationship.  His daughter’s mother has left the country to attend school and he wants to be a different kind of father than his own, so his first priority is to his daughter.  The problem is, he can’t stop thinking about the beautiful and charming, Kaitlyn Westin.

             Living in a small town, the two of them run into each other often and they cannot deny their attraction to the other, but Dominic is unaware of Kaitlyn’s pregnancy.  About the time he discovers her shocking news, he also learns that his daughter’s mother may want custody.  Will he leave Kaitlyn and his chance at happiness in order to be a good parent?  Kaitlyn’s whole world is in Heather Valley and Dominic can’t imagine pulling her away from all she knows and loves, including the child she carries.

            Will Dominic and Kaitlyn have to let each other go in order to do what’s best for the other? 

-From the book Kaitlyn's Promise.

Brenda Butler


Book 3 of "The Shaw Brothers Series"
"As Jeremy felt Spencer-Elise melting against him, the length of her body touching his and the way her body responded to his, that kiss became the epicenter of everything he'd ever wanted or needed in his life. He never wanted to let her go, but would she want to stay after she learned the truth about his past?"

-Excerpt from the book Time To Stay.

NeW: The Heather Valley Series

- a new contemporary romance series.

NeW: The Heather Valley Series

- a new contemporary romance series.